Health Care and Clinical Research Marketing Communications

Because of our unique experience, Kyrris is available to develop a wide range of health care communication vehicles supporting hospitals, clinical research organizations, wellness and prevention programs, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, health insurance providers and independent medical groups. The Kyrris management staff has more than 40 years of combined healthcare and marketing experience. Kyrris President Kevin Ketels has more than ten years of marketing and communications experience in early childhood development programs, health eduction, wellness & prevention, and clinical research subject recruitment. Kyrris Medical Advisor Dr. Clarita Ketels has been a board certified Internist for more than 26 years and serves on our medical review team. Our marketing and communications background and medical expertise makes Kyrris uniquely qualified to assist your organization in a wide range of health care marketing and communication initiatives.

Specialty in Clinical Research

Clinical Research Marketing Services

President Kevin Ketels has six years of experience managing a clinical research/bio-specimen collection site and clinical research Site Management Organization. Because of our unique combined expertise in marketing and clinical research, we are able to offer specialized services targeting the clinical research industry.

Clinical Trial Study Subject Recruitment

Sponsors and clinical research sites are under increasing pressure to develop subject recruitment strategies that are both effective and an efficient investment. We will identify the recruitment goals for each protocol and develop a comprehensive strategy that maximizes your budget. Kyrris will walk your organization through the strategic planning process and design your program plan. We will produce your campaign with a combination of print, broadcast and/or web channels. We also can conduct media buys, manage your call center, conduct ongoing performance evaluation, and make campaign adjustments. The Kyrris marketing team has managed more than 40 subject recruitment campaigns utilizing multiple media. We have the right experience to lead your subject recruitment efforts.

Clinical Research Site Marketing

With decreasing pharmaceutical R&D investment and increasing global competition, Kyrris offers marketing solutions for clinical research sites. We guide each site through the process of developing a situational analysis, value proposition, target market, promotional materials, customer relationship management tools and business development performance measurement. Kyrris has an account and creative team that can identify the strengths and experience of your organization and create impact promotional materials.

Study Subject Recruitment

We use all the communication tools available to help you identify and reach the right audience for your subject recruitment campaign.

• Study Subject Resources
• Brochures
• Posters
• Flyers
• Print advertising templates
• Doctor-to-patient letter
• Informed consent guide
• Study guide
• Clinical Trial Identification cards
• Visit reminder cards
• Thank you postcard
• Investigator Resources
• Physician referral letter
• Protocol reference Guide
• Study letterhead
• Subject talking points
• Physician referral talking points
• Advertising Management
• Strategic planning and goal setting
• Media buying
• Copy writing
• Graphic design
• Production coordination
• Call center management
• Reporting