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Member Engagement and Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Kyrris offers membership and customer satisfaction survey program management services in a wide range of industries. This is a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes a needs assessment, survey programming and reporting. Each survey contains standard and customized questions. Surveys are available in online and/or paper formats.

Survey program management services

• Dedicated Kyrris program manager
• Review of organizational programs and goals
• Survey development with standard and customized questions
• Delivery via online or paper format
• Customized landing page and branding (company/organization logo)
• Email invitation and reminders to members or customers
• Prize administration for survey participation (optional)
• Regular updates on survey submission rates
• Data entry for paper surveys
• Detailed final data report
• Report summary and analysis

Membership Surveys

With increasing entertainment options, historically longer work weeks, highly scheduled children and a constant tether to technology, individuals have more options than ever for how to spend their personal time. Membership organizations are challenged to provide an experience that satisfies member needs and nurtures stability and future growth. Kyrris offers survey management services to organizations that would like to measure the depth of member connections and satisfaction for the purpose of improving member retention and recruitment.

Our methodology revolves around social networking theory and engagement. Increased member connectivity enhances the probability that individuals will be happy with their experience in an organization and remain a member. We measure the depth of relationships between members, intensity of interaction, level of participation/volunteering and overall satisfaction with programming and organizational goals. The survey results and recommendations demonstrate opportunities for improving member experiences by the organization. This information can be very important for organizational improvements and strategic planning.

Our membership surveys are appropriate for the following types of organizations:

• Professional business and industry associations
• Social and athletic clubs
• Fraternal organizations
• Religious organizations (churches, synagogues, etc)
• Any other organization that has voluntary members

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Responsiveness to customer pain points, recognition of opportunities or confirmation of strengths are central benefits of a comprehensive customer satisfaction measurement program. These services are especially important in large or growing organizations that need to maintain a customer feedback loop in order to guide operational adjustments and strategic planning. Our comprehensive customer survey program administration services are available to a wide range of industries.

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